It’s Time to Bake Cookies!

December 4th, 2018 by whitefences

What I love most about the holiday season that it’s time to bake cookies. I must admit I do get carried away with baking cookies. Each year I tell myself that next year I won’t bake as much. So here I am saying to myself “it’s time to bake cookies” and my list of cookies to bake is a little too long so I will share with you my all time favorite cookie sources.

Lemon almond biscotti dipped in white chocolate

The Joy of Baking

When “it’s time to bake cookies” I start thinking about who I will give the cookies too. There are so many memories that come back of friends and family members I have given cookies to. That could part of the reason I love to bake cookies, my friends and family look forward to receiving them each year. Another reason I never end up cutting back on the baking. I don’t know a lot of people who love to bake as much as I do. They really appreciate receiving homemade cookies. I have even added gluten free for those that can’t eat gluten.

Food Blogging

Where do I get my recipes from

Very often guests ask where I get my recipes from or how did you learn to bake? My grandmother was a wonderful baker and baked almost everyday. Unfortunately by the time I was old enough to realize how much I enjoyed baking she had Alzheimer’s and couldn’t remember the recipes to share. Her passion and talent for baking inspired me to learn. Food Magazines like Gourmet, Food & Wine, Fine Cooking are all where I used to get my recipes from. I would clip them out and put them in a binder. When we decided to go into the B&B the Food Network was at the height of it’s popularity and great source from recipes and lessons. Food Network has changed a lot over the years my new favorite is food blogs!


A few of my favorites would be:

Sally’s Baking Addiction– you will find lots of great baking idea here

King Arthur Flour – if you are a baker you already know about the great ingredients KAF make but they have great recipes too@

The Boy Who Bakes – I just recently started following Edd but love what I have tried so far

Just a Taste – Kelly has great recipes and they are not difficult

Singing Baker – Alison has great baking recipes too I think you will find most of them pretty easy to make

Elanaspantry– if you need a gluten free recipe or paleo this is usually my go. Elana also has MS and really has great tasting recipes for gluten free.– too many amazing recipes, you name it’s here just take a look but make sure you have to spare because you will get lost here


Happy Baking!





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