Time is flying

March 17th, 2019 by whitefences

It is so hard to believe that I haven’t posted in one month, yikes! Time is flying by, spring starts this Wednesday. Can you believe it’s spring already!

I can’t believe I was just saying that time was flying by to Eric about February with Valentines Day and Presidents Day. Here I am half way thru March. March has been eventful month so far and it’s not even over yet.

March kept me busy

Bedside Reading Authors

Our very first Hamptons Bedside Reading Authors weekend was so much fun. People who couldn’t make the event have already inquired about another event. Those that did attend can’t wait for the next Bedside Reading Authors weekend. Not to worry we are working on creating a special summer reading bookclub/authors event. Being a board member at the Parrish Art Museum Business Council I was very proud at the success of our first food & wine event this month. The event exceed our expectations, hard work and team work do pay off. I took the lead with both of these events which is not typical of me. Living in a small community, it frustrated me greatly that business people did not work together. People were stunned when I reached out and asked for their participation. Thankfully with both events people really welcomed the idea of working together as a community and that is why both events were a success. It is also why for me time flew by.

Winterfest continues


The Hamptons Art Weekend

Next weekend is the last weekend for Long Island Winterfest.  Yes time is flying by it’s already 3 weeks since Winterfest began! There is still time to enjoy some very special events.

THAW will take place at 19 different art venues here in the Hamptons. Did you know that the Hamptons has the largest arts community on Long Island? This year there will be a complimentary trolly to take visitors to the events, so need to get frustrated with parking. Most events are complimentary or at a low cost. The Southampton Cultural center is the placed to be this March, Mama Mia has been the talk of the town!



   Looking forward to spring

Our new neighbor Shou Sugi Ban House


What I dislike most about winter is the lack of interaction with guests. I also dislike the cold weather but it gets lonely and yes boring without guests. When you are an innkeeper you really need to be a people person and I really am. I didn’t always know that but being in the hospitality business I have learned that about myself. So I am most looking forward to seeing more guests and yes warmer weather. The Parrish Art Museum will be hosting their annual Spring Fling fundraiser which is the first sign of things to come. We will welcome a new neighbor in just a few weeks. If you have stayed with us you have been watching the construction of the new wellness center. Shou Sugi Ban House will finally be opening after four years in planning and construction. I am sure the owner is feeling like time is flying by as they are working to complete all the final touches. The exciting news is that our guests will be able to enjoy half and full day packages. I can’t think of a better way to welcome spring than with some wellness. More details to follow on the package offerings.


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